Wow... 101 weeks...

So, its been 101 weeks since my last anything on here. I'm surprised I even still have an account. I've been working and living and vice versa. In that time, my sister got married to the guy she ran off with when she left me with a two bedroom apartment, but it seems to have worked out well. She's been married for a whole year, and I hate to say it, but my BIL has a better head on his shoulders than my sister does sometimes, though they both are a lil stubborn sometimes and I have to set them both straight. And he's actually really cool and I like him when we actually get to hang out with them both.

Which brings me to the next subject, through my BIL I was introduced to several new people. All of them gamers. You name, it they have probably played it, Warhammer 40K, D&D, Battle Tech. These range from RPGs to table top strategy games, and sometimes a mixture of both. One of them I have been dating for nearly a whole year and we are soon to be cohabitating. Which means I'm about to move again, but I'm really excited as I haven't had a relationship like this in a long time, if ever. So my last day in Dallas will be May 23 and I will be starting a new adventure.

Also, my mom was sick for awhile, with what the Dr.s thought might have been kidney cancer. She ended up having to have surgery to remove one kidney, some of her intestines and a tiny sliver of her liver with some repair work done on the artery/vein that supplies the kidneys with blood. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be any cancer/growth left and it may have just been something akin to a giant blood clot. We are still waiting on the final reports though. So its been a turbulent last few months on that front.

I think my mom having been sick made me realize that life is short and I better get a move on in other parts of my life. The good thing is, I found a great guy I enjoy being with, whether we are talking or just sitting down to dinner, or reading books. He's just as big of a bibliophile as I am. And he knows how to have fun and not take life or himself to seriously. And he makes me laugh.

I hope all of you are doing well and living life to your fullest!

*le sigh*

Well it seems that My luck with bad room mates continues. My sister has decided to up and run off with her boyfriend. She was only supposed to be gone for the weekend with him to visit his mom for mothers day. Then I get a text message saying "He's asked me to stay." I called her to see when she was coming home and she said "next weekend." She couldn't even tell me to my face that she wasn't coming back, only to get her stuff. When I called her monday she also informed me that she'd already talked to her place of employment and that they were going to allow her to transfer to a store near where her boyfriend lives. All of this before letting me know that I am stuck with a 2 bedroom apartment that has a lease through December. I guess it is Karma. I did support her decision to pretty much move out of my mother's house the same way. Although she didn't have any rent obligations with my mother. But either way, I am getting my come upins it seems.

I did not expect this from my sister. Maybe a friend or a room mate that I don't particularly care for and who cares little for me, but from my sister it really does not feel very good at all. I know I won't be forgiving her for a very long time. I feel like she is replacing her family with his. When I spoke to him, he said that they had already talked to his family and were making arrangements to get her a car and help her pay off her cell phone bill that she ran up (which is in my name) talking to him.

I am at a lose. I feel like I"ve just been to a funeral and I am sad, angry, and hurt. The last time I remember feeling like this was at the funeral of a friend who died of heart complications at 19. Only this is gonna last for awhile. I will do my best to get over it quickly, but I don't think that I'll ever trust my sister again.
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Here we go again....

Well, it seems that once again Jason as popped back into my life. I don't know why I haven't deleted/blocked him from my contacts. But I guess its just because no matter what happens I have never really given up hope that maybe it'll be the right time for us to be together. But I can't help being some what pesimistic about the whole thing. I have always been willing to do just about whatever it would take to make a relationship work with him, but he is the one that backs off, says no or disappears for weeks on end without contacting me. Maybe I'm mashochistic when it comes to him? Who knows, but anyway, I'm gonna see how this goes yet again. I may swear him off again and mean it at the time but I'm sure I'll just keep coming back for more. It seems I may be doomed.
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I'm alive.

Well its been way to long since I check this out. All I can say is that school keeps me busier than I'd like, but that it is about time I went back and definately worth it. I'm on my second term. I hope I can keep my 4.0 from last term. I'm having a hard time getting into it this term though. I'm sure I will do fine though. I hope all are well and that I'll get a chance to catch up with y'all soon.


Well, I've been away to long. Lots has been going on here. My sister moved in with me over the Fourth of July weekend. It has not been the same around here since. I spend a little less timeonline than I have before. But not much. I'm still playing tons of WoW and...... I got registered for four classes at the community college near my office downtown and classes start on the 29th. OMG I still have to get books! I'm excited about taking classes. I just hope I'm not crazy and will be able to handle the full class load along with going to work full time. I hear 12 hours is alot of classes to be taking when you work full time. So y'all keep your fingers and toes crossed that I don't crash and burn to badly. My sister is going to be taking a full class load too and working a part time job. She's the one that got my arse down to the admissions office. I'm thankful to her from that :) Who knew you could learn a few things from your younger sibling?!?!

"It's a boy.".... these are the words I said to my mother a few months back, trying to start a conversation about a new boy in my life. She automatically said "WHAT?" I understand her reaction. I find it very amusing now at least. I have been playing WoW since around November of 2004. After playing for about a month I grouped with a few people that I have become friends with. One of them my character had become attached at the hip with his character. We did all our quests together, participated in group activities together with our guilds and so on and so forth. He came out for a visit over the week of the Fourth of July. We had a blast and now I"ll be going to see him over the Labor Day weekend. I can't wait! This weekend can't get here fast enough!

I hope everyone has been keeping well and I plan to check back in here a little more often!


P.S. Spending 5 hours in a car, then going ot a wedding and reception for 5 hours and then spending 5 hours to get home again is very tiring. I don't advise it! :)


OMG, it's been too long!

Ok, I've resisted the great time suck long enough! I have had several days of prime opportunity to slack from the office but have been on my best behavior till now!! Yay for me! I see I have missed paisley and kragen's anniversary. So Happy Belated to y'all.

As one can guess I've been playing way to much WoW. I actually played for an hour last night and then called it quits, but only due to a massive headache. One of my guild mates wants to come visit for the Fourth. I think it'll be fun. I'm not sure. I've become so reclusive I don't know how I'd even feel about my best friend visiting and he lives in the same city as I do. Which brings me to my next thought. I NEED TO GET OUT. I guess I just need to stop being interoverted and shy and just do things on my own, maybe go out to a club or something just to see what happens. I am one of hte oldest and most boring 26 year olds that I know. One of the girls in the office next to mine has suggested that I try a dating thing through her hubby's pet store, that involves going out on dates with a person and their pet, since I have a dog. I don't know what to think about that, but I'm guessing that my single-ness shows horribly since the only other living creatures in my existance outside of work seem to be my dog and gerbil? Ah well!

Jason, the former boyfriend I've been talking to online, occasionally, seems to be to busy to come down for the visit that HE suggested. I have once again drifted into a state of waiting and I'm not sure I like it. I almost wish that he hasn't suggested it, for the ember of hope that it fed into a flame is dying a slow death. And he isn't online for me to tell him that!! Bastard. But I can't really hate him for it. Jason is one of those people I will always be at least half in love with. I just don't know what to do with myself. It has become clear that I need another living person in my life, I want to wait for him but not knowing how long I should wait is the kicker. I think one day I am just going to give him the addy for my livejournal so that he can read this stuff for himself. For when I talk to him online or over the phone, I become a silly besotted girl and talk of everything but my thoughts.

So anyway, that is my rambling for the month!



Wewt!!! Both the bosses are gone!

Yup, it is that time again my fellow time suck viewers!! Yet another afternoon of slacking from the office!! Once again its time for Leah's ramblings!

So, like I said, my visit with family didn't got well, but this week has gone by really fast and I'm glad it is OVER. Talk about TGIF! My friend Ami just graduated with an associates degree in science last night. I wave very proud of her. Tonight or sometime this weekend we are going to go see the new Jet Li movie "Unleashed". Me and Ami are big fans of him. Much more so than her BF. Go figure. And if you are a fan of martial arts movies, especially the funny ones like "Kung Pow" You have to see "Kung Fu Hustle". It is hilarious!! Even if it is sub-titled. I enjoyed that one very much.

Soon, I need to take a proactive approach to my life. I'm stuck. I want to go back to school, but not sure to go about it, since I never went to anything after high school anyway. But I've realized I am in a rutt, yet again. I'm getting tired of my job on one hand, but still love it on the other. Though I do know that being a legal assistant isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life, it's treated me pretty good. But definately time for a change. And I really, really need to get out and meet people. I've become so reclusive its horrible! I think I talked to Jason once this week. I'm wondering if I'm just waisting my time with him? He says he wants to come visit and see where things go, but at the same time, he's so bogged down with work that it seems he will never make it. I don't know if I have the patience to wait for months for him to come, and he hasn't been receptive to the idea that I come to visit him, or so it appears. And I won't wait months between visits either. That is for the birds. If we are going to have any type of relationship other than a plutonic (sp?) one, he's gonna have to make up his mind on what he wants. I already know what I want, have made it plain and don't know how to make it more clear.

Ok, so well, any comments are always welcome and what not.

To my youngest favorite Step Bro, I think I'm taking vacation in July! a whole weeks worth!! and if you ever want to visit the Big D, let me know. You got a place to stay, and I promise I won't make you sleep with the dog.

I'm outta here.. my rambling is done!


Family and Vacation don't go in same sentence for me.

So I was so looking forward to a long weekend with my mom and sis, right? Well I ended up having to work late Thursday and missed my own lil dinner get together that I had planned. And I have to work Monday, which I was supposed to have off. This has set the tone for the whole weekend. My electric nearly got shut off because of some stupid screw up on Friday.

So me, my mom and my sis head down to temple for a lil R&R and we've ended up getting into a huge fight, my sister is staying with some friend and my dog has been way aggressive this weekend. And to top it all off, while playing with him, he jerked his head up into my face. I think he broke or at least cracked my nose some. It bled. And it hurts like a B_-ch.

I haven't heard from Jason in almost two weeks now too. That's bothering me. I guess I'm going to have to ask him why he contacted me after so long and what we are going to do. I deserve more than just sitting around waiting for him to get in touch with me. I've tried getting in touch with him. Bah, who knows. Maybe I just got my hopes up to much when he contacted me after so long. Guess I'll have to wait and see and just make it clear I wion't wait around forever.

So how is everyone else doing I wonder?

Oh and _X, well if you won't play on my server I may have to play on one of yours *lol*



On the Mend, but can't sleep

So I went to the doctor today, who gave me some antibiotics, a decongestant and a nasal spray. Ihaven't tried the nasal spray. I'm leary of anything that isn't strait saline to moisten tissues. Don't know why, just am. But anyway, I guess I'm on the mend, since this is the first day in a week that I haven't come home, taken a 3 hour nap, gotten up to nibble on something and move around for a couple hours and then gone back to bed. Or maybe its something in the decongestant. I hope there isn't any caffine in the decongestant. I don't consum anything with caffine in it anymore. It does evil things to me and until I can find a doctor that says that there "isn't anything wrong" and that I need to "lose weight and cut back my caffine intake" I Won't consume anything with caffine in it. Means no chocolate either *pouts*. So anyway, I'm up at 2 am contributing to the great time suck since I am tired and can't sleep!

Hope everyone has a good week and its only 2 more days till my mother and sister arrive!